Some of you are aware, but though I’m a flooring guy, I also sell roofing solutions to our customers who need new roofs.

This week, I was able to help a customer who had a tree go through her roof (yikes!) and was getting a bit of the runaround with the insurance company. They sent her a coverage estimate that was — read carefully — 165% LESS than the ACTUAL COST TO REPLACE HER ROOF. The roof has literal holes in it from the tree, needs a total replacement…but the insurance threw her pennies.

Well, I could help. I went to bat for the customer and was able to bring the insurance folks to their senses and cover the true cost of a quality roof replacement – no cutting corners or leaving off important underlayments.

So, if you have a roofing need, and especially if you are working with an insurance claim for hail, wind, etc, I might be able to help! Call me! 717-733-8585


Jared Haselbarth

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