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Welcome to our ever-expanding library of articles highlighting the amazing work of our local flooring installer.  We hope you find value in these articles.  If there is a problem you are looking to solve, or a question that needs to be answered that is not found here, reach out to us and we would be happy to help.

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More Posts and Projects From Your Local Flooring Installer

Kitchen Floors That Are Lit

We recently finished a kitchen tear-out of poorly installed and low quality laminate floors. In its place we put QuickStep Laminate and the customer chose a hip color that really stands out. It would have been very hard for the customer to complete this job on his own, with all the cutting and fitting. So, Floor World got it done professionally and it looks fantastic.

July 18th, 2020|Flooring, Projects|

Roofing Is Important Too

Some of you are aware, but though I’m a flooring guy, I also sell roofing solutions to our customers who need new roofs.

This week, I was able to help a customer who had a tree go through her roof (yikes!) and was getting a bit of the runaround with the insurance company. They sent her a coverage estimate that was — read carefully — 165% LESS than the ACTUAL COST TO REPLACE HER ROOF. The roof has literal holes in it from the tree, needs a total replacement…but the insurance threw her pennies.

Well, I could help. I went to bat for the customer and was able to bring the insurance folks to their senses and cover the true cost of a quality roof replacement – no cutting corners or leaving off important underlayments.

So, if you have a roofing need, and especially if you are working with an insurance claim for hail, wind, etc, I might be able to help! Call me! 717-733-8585


Jared Haselbarth

July 13th, 2020|Projects|

Making an Old Farmhouse Look Like a New Old Farmhouse

This flooring project started with a vision. The owners had an old farm cottage with beat up board floors beneath layers of carpet and vinyls. After tearing it all away, the boards showed their age…but there’s something quite appealing about the aged look of boards and farm dwellings.

So, the new sheet vinyl, Congoleum Evolution, had to have a bit of a rustic look. And as it turned out, new looks a little old and fits perfectly in the home.

What do you think?

June 4th, 2020|Flooring, Projects|

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