5 Tips for Homeowners When Picking Out New Carpet



Most people don’t think about their carpet until it is time to replace it.  The number of options and styles available to the consumer has never been greater.  The carpet in your home makes a big difference in the overall feeling of the space.

Everything from the color to the texture to the thickness will all play a part in how your carpet compliments the room you are installing it in.

Here are 5 tips to help you when deciding on new carpet for your home.


1) The Padding is Important

Although you won’t see the padding after the carpet is installed, it is important to choose a high quality, durable padding for your home.  The reason is that the padding, comprised mostly of foam and rubber, becomes the foundation for your carpet to settle on.

The padding helps level any bumps in the subfloor, while at the same time creating a layer of insulation, and noise reduction. High quality padding is recommended to ensure your carpet stays in place and beautiful for many years.


2) Selecting the Right Fibers

These days there are several options for the type of carpet you can install in your home.  Some of the differences include the materials used, color and style, stain resistance, and overall feel.

The best carpet for you will depend on your specific needs.  If you have a family with pets and kids I the house, it may be a good choice to choose a carpet with great stain resistance and durability.  However, if you are choosing carpet for a bedroom or less trafficked room, it might be advisable to select a softer, thicker carpet.  The difference in feel has a lot to do with the fibers the carpet is made out of.

There are four types of fibers used in modern carpets: polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and PPT.


3)  Choose a Style That Fits You

There are several different styles of carpet to choose from when it comes to the overall feel when you walk on it.  The pile of the carpet refers to the plushness of the carpet and has to do with the way the carpet is tufted and secured together.

A plush carpet may feel great, and desirable in throughout the house, but consideration should be paid to high traffic areas where a high pile, plush carpet may be exposed to premature wear.

Typically, it is recommended to reserve the plush carpet for common, less trafficked areas of the home, and opt for a more durable pile for entryways, hallways, etc.




4) The Color of Your Carpet

Color is a very important consideration when buying new carpet.  Today there is a wide range of color choices as well as patterns to choose from. For example, you may choose a neutral color for the carpet, because of the other colors in the room on the walls, furniture, etc. But you can make it a bit more interesting by going with a cut-loop or random shear pattern.  This will give your carpet a textured look.  The other way to go is to choose a vibrant color that makes the room pop with color and personality.  We advise working with a flooring professional and be as descriptive as possible when communicating how you want your carpet to not only feel, but how it will look in the room.


5)  Take Stairs into Consideration

If you are looking to replace the carpeting on your stairs, there are a couple of factors to consider that may sway your carpet selection.  First and most obvious factor is that the carpet on your stairs needs to bend around the stairs; it is not simply laying flat.  The other big consideration is the fact that stairs get a ton of heavy traffic in the home, so it’s important to have a good quality carpet.

Final Note:

When it comes to buying new carpeting for your home there are several things to consider that will impact the beauty of the carpet over time, as well as the overall wear.

The final factor to consider is who will be installing your carpeting.  Using an experienced, reputable installer will undoubtably add life to your carpet, as poorly installed carpet can become lumpy, pull away from walls, or bow.

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